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For more than 10 years, NXG Strategies has helped companies increase revenue, protect their brands, and improve effectiveness through timely, innovative products, services, and marketing strategies. We have deep expertise in identity theft investigation, fraud remediation, and data breach response, serving millions of customers nationwide. Simply put, NXG provides next generation solutions to the problems your organization faces today. With the ever-changing business landscape, there’s no reason to travel the road alone. We’re NXG Strategies. Let’s journey together.


Since its inception, NXG Strategies has helped shape the industry landscape by developing forward-thinking and compliance-friendly practices that complement regulation rather than work against it. For example, NXG Strategies led the industry in developing Red Flags and Emergency Data Breach Response Preparedness in response to the FACTA and GLBA legislation, and was the pioneering company to create national standards for true professionally managed consumer and business identity theft risk mitigation. At NXG Strategies, business and consumer confidence is extremely important, which is why we’re proud of our impeccable compliance record with no fines, sanctions, or compliance issues. In addition, NXG Strategies has never received a BBB complaint in the history of the company, and we plan to keep it that way. 



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Our Brands

NXG Strategies’ brands represent decades of industry expertise and experience, impacting millions of people around the world. We connect with our clients by providing simple, innovative solutions for protecting their companies, broadening their reach, and increasing their revenues. 
evado FRAUD DEFENSEevado Fraud Defense is the most innovative and comprehensive data breach and identity theft recovery service in the industry. Developed by industry experts, evado Fraud Defense combines the power of NXG Strategies’ data breach response solutions with its industry leading identity fraud recovery services. And with multiple configurations, evado Fraud Defense can be customized to fit organizations of any size or industry. Whether you’re a small business or large organization, evado Fraud Defense is THE risk management solution for minimizing risk and protecting your customers. LEARN MORE
Increasing criminal activity calls for a broader array of solutions to strengthen your security initiatives and cover your risks. NXG has your back. We created Nsyt Insurance Solutions specifically to address emerging risks and opportunities for our clients to add value to their consumer and business relationships. Stay tuned for our innovative insurance programs to be announced soon.
IDSafeChoice PlusSM
Identity CareSM
NXG Strategies has been bringing innovative solutions to market for more than 10 years. In that time, we’ve offered a number of branded solutions for organizations and continue to service those solutions with the level of excellence our clients have come to expect. If you are one of our long-time clients and would like to update your program to the new evado Fraud Defense suite of services, please contact us.

Industries We Serve

NXG Strategies provides comprehensive solutions for organizations of every size and industry. Choose an industry below to learn more about NXG’s custom solutions for your industry.
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