evado|PROTECT is the solution for organizations that want to provide identity theft recovery services for their consumers affected by external data breach incidents and AnyTime, AnyKind Identity TheftSM. These same organizations will also be able to fully protect their business from the effects of internal data breach.

AnyTime, AnyKind Identity TheftSM research, remediation, and recovery services address all types of financial and non-financial identity fraud, well beyond the limitations imposed by other services. Our professional Recovery Advocates are certified and trained to handle even the most complex identity fraud situations to ensure that no victim is left behind.

evado|PROTECT is a cost-effective program every organization can afford. And with our creative deployment strategies, you can reduce or completely offset the cost of the program while generating additional revenue.

# of data breach incidents in 2014


# of records compromised in 2014


identities stolen in the last hour

2014 Identity Fraud Report, Javelin Strategy and Research


evado|PROTECT BasicSMIf your goal is to implement a strong identity theft protection program for your customers, create a new significant stream of recurring revenue, minimize your risk in the event of an accidental or malicious data breach, or all of the above, evado|PROTECT Basic is the program for you. This is the industry’s most comprehensive identity fraud service, and it includes personal case managers, in-depth research and remediation, limited power of attorney dispute resolution, and a “fully managed recovery” process, a phrase that NXG coined in 2005 as the first company to offer this best-in-class service in the industry.

Our creative “cost recapture” strategies can help you implement this program in your organization at zero net cost and potentially add dollars to your bottom line at the same time. A 15-minute phone call is all it takes to start the design process that ends with a solution customized to fit your organization’s needs. Contact us NOW.

evado|PROTECT PlusSMWith evado|PROTECT Plus you can have all of the features, benefits, and protection provided by the evado|PROTECT Basic program PLUS you can proactively offer to your entire named customer group an entitlement to FREE Credit Monitoring. Why wait until there is a breach? Stand out from your peers as a leader by proactively fighting the problem of identity theft and by giving all of your customers the opportunity to be vigilant before data breach or identity theft strikes.

This program is not limited to just a great “value-add” for your customers; it also provides a complete end-to-end data breach response solution for your organization. And our talented NXG consultants can help you find ways to offset the cost of the program for a zero net cost implementation that can also generate significant new revenue.

The benefits to your business are endless. Improved acquisition, account value enrichment, and improved customer retention all in a program that doubles as a crime-fighting, data breach response plan. Get in touch with NXG to arrange a no-obligation webinar or simple 15-minute consultation call.

evado|PROTECT SubscriptionSMWith any other evado|PROTECT program in place, you qualify for our evado|PROTECT Subscription program that provides even more identity theft features for early alerts, data preservation, and cost reimbursement.

Our turn-key enrollment website is co-branded with your name and logo to provide easy enrollment, one-step services activation, and many options for payment. We also guarantee that until the customer completes the services activation they will NOT be charged a fee—your assurance that NXG is on top of the latest requirements for consumer-friendly programs.

Not an evado|PROTECT client? We also offer a stand-alone configuration of evado|PROTECT Subscription. Contact us for more information.

evado|PROTECT BizSMMany organizations are looking for a way to serve their small to mid-sized business (SMB) customers. There is a tremendous need for businesses to protect themselves from data breach and fraud, as criminals look upon these SMBs as easy targets. You have the unique opportunity to be a solutions provider for your business customers and add value to these relationships. Plus there is also a great opportunity to generate additional bottom line revenue.

evado|PROTECT Biz combines the power of NXG’s complete data breach solution and on-call business fraud specialists with a valuable employee benefit to give you a small business package that packs a big punch.

Use evado|PROTECT Biz as a value-add for your business services, a differentiating feature for your business accounts, or as an incentive for your business customers to participate in your most profitable activities. The cost is so low you won’t believe how easy it is to sponsor this program for your entire small business portfolio. Get in touch with NXG and we can customize a plan for your organization.

  • My Recovery Advocate was GREAT. Took charge of everything! Completely satisfied with him and your service. I truly feel safe.”

    Kevin E.
  • My Recovery Advocate was wonderful. She was extremely helpful. I had no idea what to do and she did it all for me, which I was very thankful. Thank you.

    Elaine S.
  • Excellent service. I feel like I am more protected just having the service.

    Jill W.
  • The service the Recovery Care Center provided to me was great. I could not have done this by myself. The Recovery Advocate did a great job. I’m 110 percent satisfied.

    Raymond S.
  • I’m recommending your recovery services to those who need some help and guidance!

    Joshua R.
  • The Recovery Advocate was outstanding in helping me. He followed through on all my requests in a timely and professional manner. It was a pleasure working with him. Give him a raise.

    Charles K.
  • My Recovery Advocate did a great job. Very friendly and reassuring, plus she ensured I understood what was being done to resolve my situation.

    Trish E.
  • Great service. I couldn’t have done this without you!”

    John. J

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