evado \ē-vä-dō\ la. v: to traverse, to pass unharmed; to evade risk
In ancient times, you never traveled the road alone. From predatory animals to kidnappers and thieves, threats lurked around every corner. Instead, you traveled with those who knew the path, were prepared for the dangers that you might encounter along the way, and had the strength and experience to protect you.

The same is true in the business world. With the increased prevalance of data breach and identity theft attacks, you can’t afford to travel in the business world alone. And now you don’t have to.

Meet evado Fraud Defense.

With evado, you never have to worry about what if, because you are already prepared for what’s next.

Layers of Protection

evado Fraud Defense provides three layers of protection for every organization.
Internal Data Breach
An internal data breach can damage both your bottom line and your reputation. evado Fraud Defense provides a complete response plan with custom notification letters, website, PR, employee scripting, and professionals standing by to answer calls and remediate any fraud.
External Data Breach
With multiple data breaches occurring daily, your organization and customers are constantly at risk. evado Fraud Defense can extend your coverage for fully managed identity theft research, remediation, and recovery services to an external data breach at no additional cost.
AnyTime, AnyKind Identity Theft
Identity theft has become the fastest-growing crime in the United States, and that trend continues to grow. evado Fraud Defense protects your customers from EVERY type of identity fraud with fully managed research, remediation, and recovery services.

Two Masterful Suites of Risk Management Solutions

Designed by data breach experts, evado|BREACH provides organizations with comprehensive protection from the devastating effects of an internal data breach. With multiple levels of coverage, evado|BREACH can be customized to meet your organization’s specific risk management needs.
For organizations seeking to protect both themselves and their customers, evado|PROTECT combines the power of evado|BREACH with our industry leading identity fraud detection and recovery services to provide organizations with the highest level of protection available today.

Which solution is Right for Your Organization?

Contact us today to find out how evado Fraud Defense can protect your organization and your customers.