Business Solutions

Today more than ever, supporting and protecting your small business customers is critically important and may be vital to your organization's plans for expansion and profitability.  NXG Strategies provides unique and valuable small business programs that deliver valuable protection and employee benefit features to make your small business program one-of-a-kind.  

In addition, our business services are also available to our corporate sponsors to enhance your employee benefits and reduce your risk of damage from data breach. 

NXG Programs


You have the unique opportunity to be a solutions provider for your business customers by providing a small business package that packs a big punch. Services in nxg|PROTECT Biz include a complete data breach training and response plan, mobile phone coverage for damage, malfunction and theft, and access to attorneys at no cost for daily business needs.  Also included are identity theft protection and access to 24/7 telehealth physicians for up to 100 employees. 

nxg|BREACH Defender

nxg|BREACH Defender can complement your cyber insurance policy and complete your risk management strategy. This program includes professional data breach training for your staff, expert advice on pre-planning for a response, and an easy-to-implement template for a Data Breach Response Plan.  Plus we will help you execute when a data breach strikes.  Also included is identity theft protection for your employees.

nxg|BREACH Response

If data breach strikes, our expert consultants will put an effective response into action quickly. We can customize a response to your data breach incident within two business days, and provide all communications, professional identity monitoring, and fraud resolutions services to smoothly execute an effective response. 


Go to Market Strategies

Use our programs as a value-add for your core products, a differentiating feature for your accounts, or as an incentive for your customers to participate in your most profitable activities

The cost is so low you won’t believe how easy it is to sponsor this program for your business accounts.

“Partnering with NXG Strategies allows us to offer a very unique service for our Small Business accounts. With all the data breaches in the news, we were ahead of the trend in offering essential data breach and identity theft solutions to protect our Small Business accounts. NXG Strategies has been a great partner and the fully managed identity theft recovery service they provide for data breach victims is beyond compare.” - Credit Union in Midwest         View more Client and Consumer testimonials.