We are NXG Strategies.  Let’s Journey Together.

NXG Strategies is a leading provider of identity fraud, data breach protection, and revenue-enhancing product strategies. We have helped hundreds of organizations protect the millions of consumers they serve while increasing the organization's revenue and protecting their brand.  Simply put, NXG provides next generation solutions for the problems your organization faces each day. With the ever-changing business landscape, there’s no reason to travel the road alone. We’re NXG Strategies. Let’s journey together.

Experience, Innovation, Integrity

Founded in 2005, NXG Strategies was among the first innovators in the industry of identity theft investigation, fraud remediation, and data breach response, and throughout the years has helped hundreds of organizations protect the millions of consumers they serve.  

Our management team includes seasoned professionals from the banking and insurance industries, each with an average of  30+ years of experience serving in senior management positions.

Years of Service   18

Since our inception, NXG Strategies has shaped the industry landscape by developing forward-thinking and compliance-friendly practices that complement regulation rather than work against it. We led the identity theft services industry in developing Red Flags and Emergency Data Breach Response Preparedness in response to the FACTA and GLBA legislation. We coined the phrase "Fully Managed Recovery" to indicate the highest level of professional identity theft recovery services afforded to consumers through NXG programs. Later, NXG created the concept of "3G Family" to provide recovery for family members of those entitled through our program, up to three generations, and much more.  

Compliance Friendly   100%

At NXG Strategies, business and consumer confidence is extremely important, which is why we’re proud of our impeccable compliance record with no fines, sanctions, or compliance issues. In addition,  we have never received a BBB complaint in the history of the company, and we plan to keep it that way.  In keeping with our brand promise, NXG continues to develop next generation solutions beyond identity theft to address problems consumers face every day.

BBB Complaints... Ever!   0


We move consumers and businesses to action with high-touch, high-value, cost-effective offers that make sense in today’s world. The end result is more effective acquisition and retention of customers, employees, and members. Moreover, we are proud to protect those same consumers and businesses from the devastating effects of data breach and identity theft while providing cost-savings through better solutions to the problems of everyday life. 

"We have been working with NXG Strategies for over 10 years, our customers find the identity theft solution as a significant benefit and one more reason to bank with our institution."
NXG Client in Northwest

"We’ve been very happy with our partnership with NXG. They patiently answered all our up-front questions and provided outstanding guidance during implementation. Now that we are live, I appreciate the periodic check-ins to review staff training gaps, member testimonials and overall satisfaction. Another benefit is that we are working with the same team member that we met on our very first call. That continuity has made NXG a trusted partner, and the program has been a welcome source of fee income for the credit union."
NXG Client in Southeast

“We were looking for some additional ways to bring revenue in and at the same time do something beneficial for our members. We feel that the NXG products do just that. It is a win-win situation."
NXG Client in Midwest

"NXG has been a great partner from day one. From the time we first started talking to them about their products, to the implementation stage and now that we have it up and running we still get great support from them. I can call my rep anytime to talk about any situation and he is there to help me out. I would definitely recommend you at least look into their products to see if it is a good fit for you. It has proven to be a good fit for us.”

NXG Client in Midwest

Our Brands

NXG Strategies has been bringing innovative solutions to market for over a decade. In that time, we’ve offered a number of branded solutions for organizations and continue to service those solutions with the level of excellence our clients have come to expect.








Identity Care



 If you are one of our long-time clients and would like to update your program to the new nxg|PROTECT and nxg|BREACH suite of services, please contact us.