Helping Families Secure Their Future

NXG Strategies has the solution for organizations that want to enrich their consumer relationships and add value to their core products and services by including identity theft recovery services, cutting edge fraud monitoring, mobile phone protection, cash savings on purchases, and more.

We provide cost-effective programs every organization can afford. And with our creative deployment strategies, you can reduce or completely offset the cost of the program while generating significant recurring revenue.


nxg|PROTECT can provide consumers with peace of mind through the latest in dark web monitoring, credit monitoring, credit reports and scores, social media monitoring, IP address monitoring, high risk transactions monitoring, data breach alerts, and more.

At the heart of our solution, Fully Managed Identity Theft Recovery provides consumers with research, remediation, and recovery services to address all types of financial and non-financial identity fraud, well beyond the limitations imposed by other services. Our professional Identity Recovery Advocates are certified and trained to handle even the most complex identity fraud situations to ensure that no victim is left behind.


nxg|MOBILE provides consumers with insurance coverage for mobile phone repairs or replacement due to accidental damage, malfunction, or theft. With no pre-registration of the device necessary, and a simple claims process, it has never been easier for your consumers to take advantage of this benefit. This coverage applies to cracked screens, water damage, and other common mishaps for both new and used cell phones and smartphones.


nxg|SAVE allows consumers to shop online with their PC or tablet, or download the GPS-assisted mobile app for savings on the go, including dining, shopping, entertainment and travel. No need to keep up with printed coupons: consumers can use "show your phone" coupons at checkout to make savings easy at thousands of restaurants, retailers, entertainment venues, hotels and more.

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Go to Market Strategies

Use our programs as a value-add for your services, a differentiating feature for your accounts, or as an incentive for your customers to participate in your most profitable activities.

  • Embed NXG services into your existing products to create better market differentiation and improve consumer retention

  • Enhance a new account with NXG services to achieve better market attention which leads to higher account acquisition

  • Offer an opportunity for consumers to take advantage of NXG services through a simple self-enrollment subscription

The cost is so low you won’t believe how easy it is to sponsor this program for all of your consumer accounts.

“After discovering a fraudulent billing from AT&T, my bank let me know they were clients of your service and suggested I make contact. I did so, not expecting to get much, but to my surprise I found someone who really knew what to do. I have nothing but praise for everything that has been done and continues to be done for me. Really and truly I would have been in a world of hurt if it weren’t for my Recovery Advocate who has continued to monitor my ongoing situation. I’ve let the officers and employees of my bank know how much help you have been. Thanks so much for your service. It’s great! Keep it up!” ~ David H.